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Top 10 Resolutions & The Homeowner Version

The time has come to make your resolutions! For those of us that are homeowners, we know that we often have a slightly different perspective on what non-homeowners' goals are. Here is a funny list that demonstrates some of those differences are:

1. Become energy efficient (lose weight)

2. Purify indoor air (quit smoking)

3. Budget for improvements (better manage debt)

4. Educate yourself on home finances (read more/learn something new)

5. De-clutter (get organized)

6. Support your community (volunteer)

7. Improve water use efficiency (drink less)

8. Share home improvement projects (spend more time with family)

9. Exercise DIY skills (get fit)

10. Become low-maintenance (use maintenance-free materials)

Happy New Year - enjoy and make it count!

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