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Divorce & Real Estate - Everything You Need to Know

The complexities of Real Estate in Divorce can be very overwhelming. Whether mediating a collaborative divorce settlement, or restructuring a real estate portfolio; there are real concerns and financing strategies involving your current real estate, ability to buy one spouse out or structuring maintenance in order for the receiving spouse to qualify for a new mortgage. The key to making sure you are well positioned for your new live(s) after divorce comes from knowing how to set yourself up for success. We can take a look at:

  1. Various financing strategies and hurdles facing capital gains taxes from sale of real estate;

  2. Special rules related to divorce;

  3. Structuring support for the right time periods;

  4. Divorce and negative equity.

The Divorce Lending & Real Estate Association is the ONLY national professional organization providing support for these situations. We are Certified Divorce Real Estate Professionals and are excited to announce that we will be providing Continuing Legal Education Credit opportunities to attorneys on behalf of the Divorce Lending & Real Estate Association. Click HERE to find more information about dates to RSVP.


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