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The Best US Cities for Young Professionals (<35)

Denver regularly ranks high among the best cities for young professionals so it's not usually a surprise. While this article ranked Denver #4, it's who beat Denver that is the intreging part. That is, with lifestyles traditionally viewed as different from Denver, New York (#1) and San Fransisco (#3) often seem to be less likely to be the close competition that would edge out Denver. Further, among those with lifestyles traditionally viewed as similar to Denver, Portland (#10), Seattle (#7) and Austin (#5), Denver proves to reign.

The study started with the 100 most populus cities and researched the typical factors such as: emplyoment, salary, cost of rent and utilities, public transportation, weather and crime. However, the items that likely helped Denver stand out are lifestyle items including access to sporting events and live music.

Looks like Denver hits all the high marks when picking a place to call home: Jobs, housing, diversity and fun!

Read the full list HERE

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